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Blog Description

Friday, 20 August 2010

New Begginings...

Hey, it's Chariend and this is my new blog. In my blog I will be posting the latest on things people want to know such as music, fashion, movies and more. Get it here first from Chariend's Latest Hotspot and get the inside scoop before your friends. Comment below to let me know what things you would like to see, if you like it and any other thoughts you may have.


Diego Pereira said...

Hi Chariend, congrats on your new blog. I've never heard of you before so I hope it would be a good experience checking out your blog.

It would be awesome if you post download links (preferably mediafire) for songs rather than just news articles and music videos.

I hope your blog gets better and more hits as the days go by, good luck!

P.S. Nice layout!

Chariend said...

Hey Diego! Thank-you for taking your time at looking at my blog. Really means a lot. If you like it, please tell friends, like it on facebook and please could you get friends to follow it and I would be grateful if you would follow too.

Thanks for the advice and I'll be sure to check that out in the next few days. Do check out my other pages by clicking the tabs above.

Thanks for the comment and I look forward to hearing from you in the future. :)

Diego Pereira said...

You're welcome Chariend. :)

Is it possible if I request a song? That is Sky Ferreira's 17.

I need the full version (3:51) but all I can find is the radio edit (around 3:34).

I would appreciate it so much if you could post it.

Since my country's iTunes store only sells apps, I can't buy the song.

Sure I would introduce your blog to my friends, and I'm sure they will be digging it! :)

Thank you in advance and good luck!

Chariend said...

Hey, Ive been looking around and was wondering if there is actually a full version? If there is, ill keep looking but i just wanted to make sure!

Were you looking for the studio version; because im not sure if there actaully is a full version?

Let me know soon so i can go searching and which country are do you livee? Thank-you :)

Diego Pereira said...

Yeah seems like the one I have is either the radio edit or the music video version.

From iTunes the official full version should be 3:51 long, here is the link :)

I live in Singapore you see, there's no music available in the iTunes store at my region.

I should be the one thanking you for the trouble and your effort, I appreciate it a lot, thanks! :D

And thanks for replying so quickly, very efficient and professional of you :)

Diego Pereira said...

Hey Chariend, it's okay cos I found the full version of the iTunes rip. Here's the link so you could have the full song or you could share with your visitors :)

Just a tip, many visitors including myself, would wanna download stuffs real quick without paying/waiting (even if it's just a few seconds), so Mediafire is your best bet.

Looks like your blog is quiet for a few days already, don't give up and keep going cos that's how it is for every new starters. Good luck!

Chariend said...

Hey Diego!
I have posted sky ferreira, and a few download links and a link to the video!
hope you enjoy and please tell more friends and follow and feel free to request more videos and songs! thanx :)

Diego Pereira said...

Thanks for posting most of the links for Mediafire, it's very easy and convenient.

I would also like to request Pixie Lott's new single from her re-release of her album "Turn It Up".

The new single is "Broken Arrow", I don't know exactly when the official date it will be released but could you post it here asap when it's out?

It's already leaked but the quality isn't that great and just in case it might not be the final version.

Now your music page has been rocketting, time for some fashion juice.

It would be awesome to feature both girls and guys, and if there's any international blogshop, please put them up too.

It would be very helpful to feature fashionable celebrities because they are very influential.

Put up the clothing styles of young/teenage rising stars such as Kaya Scodelario, Kristen Stewart, Pixie Lott, Luke Pasqualino, Robert Pattinson etc.

And also Disney Stars (if their clothing isn't too cheesy or kiddy), and more mature/older celebrities that dresses good like Megan Fox, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt etc.

I don't know if it's possible but if it is just in case, include ebay/amazon links if such things can be found there.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work! :D

agnes said...

hi, idk where to request songs so i guess i'll be doing it here.

i'm requesting the song "circus" by caitlin evanson.

she's not very well known so i can't find her songs. she's best known for being one of taylor swift's back up singers.

i hope you can post it here cos i can't buy it from itunes. here's the link, it's track #9

thank you very much :)